Boston Light (1716), the first lighthouse built in the United States and the last to remain staffed.


"We backed up every day.  We didn't know the tapes had been bad for 6 months." 

"We have a state-of-the-art server with all the latest redundancy features.  We didn't think we needed to back up" 

Even the best experience disaster.   Taking every precaution and buying the latest technology isn't always enough to insure trouble free operation. So when disaster does strike, we're ready to help.


  • Recovery from hardware/software failure, human error, computer viruses, natural disaster or computer crime.

In the event of loss we use the latest tools and techniques to diagnose the problem and recover the data….no matter how the loss occurred.


  • Backup services onsite and remote.

Prevention is the best medicine.  We configure the correct tools backupand  procedures for your organization.  Whether we help you a simple daily backup routine with periodic checks to make sure it's working or a full offsite storage and retrieval system, we're there to back you up!


  • Data Protection Subscription Services to protect and recover mission critical data.

We'll customize your system to insure your recovery will be quick.  you can resume full operations usually within 24 hours.


  • Disaster recovery planning

Our consultants work with you to devise a recovery plan for you organization based on your critical tasks and data needs.  We'll devise a step by step plan to for your staff to follow.  From a minor data loss (files missing) to a full blown systems disaster (all systems down) you will know exactly what to do.


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